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"Educational Ball Beaded Building Blocks for Babies - 6-12 Months - Ideal for 1-3 Year Old Boys and Girls"

"Educational Ball Beaded Building Blocks for Babies - 6-12 Months - Ideal for 1-3 Year Old Boys and Girls"

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Material: Wooden
Brand: Other
Packing: Color box
Ability training: Emotion, intellectual development, hands-on brain, grasp, sensory, hand eye coordination, other capability training, interactive toys, parent-child communication, interest training
Item No .: Ftyd
Is there an anime image: No
Is it designed for foreign trade: No
3c configuration category: Other toys under 14 years old
Color: Rainbow Tower, Niu Niu, Geometric Column, Ball (Style Random)) ), Wooden blast drum, hand drum, eighth music + colorful rattle, eighth music piano + twist insect, eighth music, hold rock, eighth music + wound beads, clock + twist insect, wound + Torque, twist insect + color tower, clock + wound beads, eighth music piano + jigsaw panel + wound beads, eighth music piano + colorful tower + wound beads, twist insects + ball + color tower, eighth music + Twist + colorful tower, eighth music piano + twist insect + wound beads, eighth music piano + worm + clock, eighth music + geometric clock + clock, eighth music, cartoon + hand, color + color rattle, double Head Hammer (styles random), small sand ball (stocket random), cartoon rock (styles random), sand egg (styles random), hand-made board (styles random), knock, beech Qi Qianto Macaron 14cm, wholesale contact customer service: above wooden, the following plastic materials, tooth glue 眨 眨 眨 翁 (color random), soft rubber car (color style random), gum bee rattle (color random), soft plastic Animal ball (color stocket random), tooth gelatin bear music rickets (random color), childlike rickets (color random), fitness ball (random color), soft adhesive dumbbell (color random), soft plastic single head (random color random), Meng small pigs (styles random), Manhattan ball can be cooked, slide deer non-tumbler, five finger bells (color random), fun warm-colored animals 6 sets of rocking, water boiled tooth rubbells 8 pieces, new teeth Glue Rock 7 cases, Makaron 6 sets of rocking, play water cute animals (styles color random), new tooth rubber rocking 7 sets + Makaron 6 sets, auspicious rickets (pattern random), warm colors Fruit tooth glue (OPP bag), Meng baby music stick (color random) to send screwdriver, rabbit music rod (color random) to send screwdriver, new tooth rubber rocking 7 sets + warm chittal ball, peace dial (pattern random), Handbell drum (pattern random), dental fruit molar stick distribution storage box (styles random), tooth rubber deer send storage box (color random), bite music network bag 2 / storage box, tooth gum banana to send storage box (Color random), plastic small sand hammer (color random), plastic hand rock (random color random), plastic sand egg (color random), whale story machine (color random), climb baby (color random), 7 pieces Set, auspicious drum 5 sets, hand bell drums 5 sets, auspicious drums 6 sets, plastic hand bell drums (pattern random), storage box medium, storage box large, boiled anti-eating hand (color random), Slap, boiled transparent molar stick, bunny story machine (random color), boiled tooth rubbell 6 sets
Applicable age: Teenagers (7-14 years old)

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