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Lip pencils waterproof makeup long lasting

Lip pencils waterproof makeup long lasting

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Whether imported: no
Efficacy: Moisturizing, hydrating, modification, uniform skin color
colour: Red wine
model: 2515
Specification: 1
Special use cosmetics: no
Production license number: Cantonese makeup 20161793
Item No .: 1532
Suitable for skin Universal
Shelf life: 3 years
sort by color: 01 # Musk, 02 # 姨 红 (car cencier color), 03 # 小 皮 (naked), 04 # Pumpkin color (Xiko color), 05 # naked color, 06 # retro red (blood red), 07 # 沙 色, 08 # China Red, 09 # 粉, 10 # 红 (男色)
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: no
net weight: 0.5g
Non-special cosmetics filing number: Guangdong G makeup network preparation 2017000001
Origin: China
Ingredients: Japanese wax

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