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Lumbar Belt Ergonomic Abdominal Band For Column Posture Favorite

Lumbar Belt Ergonomic Abdominal Band For Column Posture Favorite

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Lumbar brace ergonomic with suspender
Model: d-414

The strap ergonomic dortler aids in preventing injuries and twists causadas for overcharges the muscle back and abdomen, offering firmness the movements dried and posture correction cervical.

-Manufactured wired property elastic
-Closure with double elastic for auxiliary in voltage and ensure better conformation
-Suspender with regulation
-Flex rods that auxiliam in support and posture correction
-70% cotton, 08% polyamide, 10% polyester, 02% polypropylene, 10% elastodiene, part rigid and 100% polystyrene

-Industries (almoxarifado, Expedition, etc), building, supermarket, laboratories, shipping goods, drivers, telemarketing, estoquistas, practice sports and any other activity that can cause overload the muscle back and abdomen.
-Lombalgias and preventing pain during the professional activities.

-Separate the two handles checking the sides, putting the right handle shoulder right and the left handle shoulder left with strap open;-Keep the handles transpassadas back (x-shaped) and the strap the abdomen; close the strap in front body, Adjusting the pressure as desired.

-Save under heat, sunshine and moisture, when is not in use (local dry, with ambient temperature).
-Read carefully and follow correctly the use instructions. -Use the suitable size, not tighten in demasia. -Avoid Use on damaged skin or wound.
-Treats up product shelf life indeterminate, individual use and reusable.
-For reuse when necessary, following instructions mode washing, not storing wet.
-No case pain chronic consult your doctor.

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