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Preserved Flower Unicorn PE Foam Flower Handmade Rose Bear Valentine's Day Gift Rose Unicorn Manufacturer

Preserved Flower Unicorn PE Foam Flower Handmade Rose Bear Valentine's Day Gift Rose Unicorn Manufacturer

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Introducing the Preserved Flower Unicorn L, a stunning and enchanting gift that is sure to captivate your loved ones. With its cross-border package weight of 1.5kg and a unit weight of 4.5kg, this product is lightweight yet sturdy. Its compact dimensions of 45cm x 30cm x 45cm make it easy to display anywhere. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, the Preserved Flower Unicorn L features plastic and eternal flowers that maintain their beauty for years to come. Express your personal style with a wide range of color options including Crown Veil Models in light pink, peach pink, pink, white, red, sky blue, creamy white, purple, and more. The Diamond and Thread Corner varieties offer even more choices to suit your preferences. This product is thoughtfully designed and produced by the renowned brand, Sri Lanka. With no patent source and no import requirements, the Preserved Flower Unicorn L is easily accessible to all. Packaged in a beautifully designed lantern with a gift box, it is an ideal gift for various occasions such as birthdays, full moon celebrations, travel commemorations, graduations, housewarmings, party gatherings, and sick visits. The Preserved Flower Unicorn L is a versatile gift suitable for a wide range of relationships, including juniors, lovers, couples, colleagues, friends, elders, children, classmates, and mentors. Whether you want to show appreciation or celebrate milestones, this gift is perfect for business purposes, advertising, promotions, conferences, welfare programs, festive occasions, public relations, or as a personal gift. The Preserved Flower Unicorn L comes in a colorful range including red, light pink, pink, peach pink, white, milk, daytime blue, light green, and more. Celebrate special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Spring Festival, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, New Year's Day, Tanabata, Halloween, Easter, National Day, Children's Day, Women's Day, and many others with this exquisite gift. Please note that this product does not carry any IP authorization. It is packed in an upward direction to ensure safe transportation. Don't miss out on this unique and stunning Preserved Flower Unicorn L – a gift that will leave a lasting impression.
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